As owner of a NFT from the „Hemp to the Moon“ collection, you show your attendance for a hemp-driven, green future for Europe.

With each MINT you will:

  • plant one square meter of hemp in Austria in 2022
  • help to enlighten People about hemp
  • help to build a complete blockchain based ecosystem with a real-life Layer
  • attend to exclusive giveaways, specials and deals and events

How it works?

  • Setup and connect your Metamask Wallet
  • Add Polygon Network to Metamask
  • Buy „MATIC“ (directly in Metamask via Transak)
  • MINT your „Hemp to the Moon“ NFT for just 15 MATIC
  • ➡️ How To Video

Who we are?

„Hemp to the Moon“ is backed by the European market leading magazine „Hanf Magazin“ to move the enlightenment about all hemp related topics forward. We are one of the biggest communities in the hemp space consisting of patients, farmers, doctors, business professionals, activists – basically all hemp enthusiasts.


What is MATIC and how to buy?

MATIC is a crypto currency (token) on the Polygon blockchain, based on Ethereum.
The benefits of MATIC are the smaller fees and fast transactions. (Details:

The easiest way to get MATIC is to buy it directly via your Metamask Wallet.

Adding MATIC to Metamask:

Now you can click the "Buy" button in Metamask and buy MATIC directly via Transak where you will need to do a short KYC when buying the first time.

If you already have some ETH in your wallet, you can easily exchange these to MATIC via the Polygon Bridge (

Where are my NFTs?

All "Hemp to the Moon" NFT will be minted on Opensea. Check the already minted collection here:

For sure, you can just hold your NFT in your wallet, but you also can sell it via Opensea if you want.

Is there a bigger Idea behind "Hemp to the Moon"?

Yes. As first the point we want to build a bridge between the Blockchain-Community and the Hemp-Community because we believe in great synergistic effects in combining both worlds.

We are also working on a sustainable blockchain ecosystem with NFTs, DeFi and gaming, where you, as a "Hemp to the Moon" holder will be one of the very first to be whitelisted for.

Hemp to the Moon is just the beginning of an incredible journey...

Any problems?

Feel free to write possible problems or questions into our related Discord Channel ->

With ❤️ powered by hanfmagazin